Injury impacting your training? Here are some ways to level up when you are injured.

Injury impacting your training? Here are some ways to level up when you are injured.

We all face injuries. They are part of the martial arts, combat sports and sports world, but don't let being out halt your progress. There are many different ways to keep improving, to stay involved with your gym and contribute even when you are out.

  1. Study film.

    There are so many resources on youtube you can utilize. If you want some fighters to study you can start with some of the greats. Look up: Somrak Kamsing, Boonlai, Karuhat, Saenchai, Petchboonchu, Dany Bill, Ramon Dekkers, Buakaw, Wangchannoi, Samart, Dieselnoi...the list could go on forever. 

    Lawrence Kenshin has some great technical breakdowns here:

    If you want a deep dive into technique, The Muay Thai Library has some great videos on their Patreon:
    and on youtube:

  2. Vary your cardio.

    Shadowbox or swim if you need low resistance exercises. Work on the stationary bike if you can only work the lower body. Listen to your doctor or coach and work what you can. The key is making sure you don't stop moving altogether.

  3. Double down on your nutrition.

    We can always refine our eating, like these simple things we know we should do but don't like: less salt heavy foods, less sugar, don't eat super late in the evening etc., but if you really want to take things to the next level, work with a nutritionist to dial in your eating. It will make your weight cuts smoother, keep you at a healthy walking weight and ensure you are eating enough to perform well in your skill specific training. 

  4. Rest. Heal. Recover.

    Coming back to full training before you are fully healed can lead to more time out. Don't feel bad about giving your body the time, rest and fuel to truly recover.

  5. Commit to mobility.

    Mobility, stretching, yoga etc. are known ways of preventing injury, but they are also very important in your journey back to fitness. Sitting idle too long causes stiffness and low range of motion. As your physician and body allow, move.

  6. Reset your mindset. Live a little!

    Eat a meal with your family, walk your dog, catch up with friends. Do those things that help you heal on a deeper level. Try to embrace an abundance mindset and focus on the gifts and positives in your life.

  7. Support your team with your expertise.

    Depending on your experience level and your coaches, you may be able to help out with beginner classes. Expertise is free to give, share your knowledge with others.

Disclaimer: None of this information is intended to be a substitution for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions regarding medical condition or treatment.