About Us

We created SHIPSCO Fightwear because we saw that martial arts were just that—an art.

Just like an artistic practice, Muay Thai pushes you beyond your limits. It requires you to take risks and helps you to step outside your comfort zone. Each training session is a sketch to build your foundation. Each strike is a bold stroke on a blank page.

We’re celebrating the space between creativity and discipline. We care for ourselves by caring for our community. We’re building strength by embracing vulnerability.

SHIPSCO Fightwear is proudly Veteran-owned. Our founder, Stephen Jones, created the SHIPSCO Fightwear brand in 2021 because he recognized that Muay Thai has the power to change lives. Using his creative skillset, he created a line of Muay Thai shorts that gave fighters the opportunity to embrace their own creativity, express their style, and bring their own personality to each training session.

Respect Tradition

Although our designs are playful and fun, we have a profound respect for Thai culture and those who share the sport with us in the USA.

Muay Thai for All

Be believe that Muay Thai has the power to change lives and is for all skill levels, sizes and fitness levels. This is why we carry a range of sizes.

100% Original

We draw most of our designs in house, by hand. We hire Thai lettering artists for certain creative elements. No stock art is ever used.

A Word from our FOunder

"I started SHIPSCO Fightwear in 2021 to forge my own path as an artist. I was no longer prescribing to society’s plan for me. I decided there were other mediums and communities in which I could explore and share my craft. I chose to invest in the community that invested in me—the Muay Thai community.

My hope for any SHIPSCO Fightwear customer is that they are empowered to express themselves in their creativity—whether that’s by picking up a paintbrush or giving their unique “oowee!” in their first sparring session."
-Stephen Jones