Avoid these 5 things to keep progressing in Muay Thai

Avoid these 5 things to keep progressing in Muay Thai
  1. Inconsistency. If you show up 1 time a week regularly, or you show up 4 times a week every two months, you are not going to progress. 2 times a week minimum. 3 is great. If you’re not seeing the results you want, schedule consistent 1-on-1s with your coaches.
  2. Training with the same training partners. Friends often enable us to keep feeding our bad habits. When you encounter the same people you only learn to solve the same problems. Diversify your training partners and hold your partners accountable.
  3. Ego. If you think you know everything already, you are likely not taking critique well and working to improve. Don’t get in your feelings here, be coachable.
  4. You bring in bad habits from other martial arts. We respect other martial arts, but when you are training Muay Thai, do the correct Muay Thai techniques. Stances don't translate, rules don't translate. Be respectful of your coaches and use what you learn.
  5. You focus on the flashy techniques without establishing good foundations. Make sure your fundamentals are solid, and you have control of your strikes.
  6. You only focus on offense. Make sure you are working on sound footwork, defense and 
  7. You are throwing the same strikes, combinations and counters. Vary your strikes, vary your levels and vary the cadence in which you send your strikes.