9 ways to be a good Muay Thai student from day 1

9 ways to be a good Muay Thai student from day 1
  1. Show up early
    Show up at least 15 minutes early so you have your hands wrapped, you can shadowbox to get warm, and you can say what’s up to your teammates.

  2. Let go of your ego

    It takes humility to progress in anything new. Leave your ego at home, and don’t take corrections personal. Be coach-able.

  3. Practice good hygiene

    Shower before you come to class, clinching will be much better. Ensure you trim your finger and toenails. Brush your teeth!

  4. Wash your gear

    Wash your hand wraps after every use. Spray the inside and outside of your gloves with disinfectant and use deodorizers in your gym bag. Don’t leave a bag of nasty gear in your car.

  5. Be quiet when your coach is calling

    Be respectful to the coaches running your class. Do not talk while they are explaining a drill or doing a demo. They carry so much knowledge, listen.

  6. Work on technique first, power will come

    If you try to go too hard before you have some fundamentals down, you can injure yourself. Focus on the movements, ask questions, shadowbox.

  7. Communicate with your training partner

    If you are brand new, let your training partner know. They will likely help you even more. If your partner is going a little too hard, let them know! Don’t expect your training partner to read your mind.

  8. Show up regularly

    You will make better progress when you show up regularly. 3 times a week is a great goal to set, but if you can do more and your body is about this life, do your thing.

  9. Always wear compression shorts

    Be respectful of your teammates and coaches by wearing compression shorts. Boxers alone will not get it done and do not cover up your bits!