6 Things we should stop doing in Muay Thai

6 Things we should stop doing in Muay Thai
  1. Stop teeping your training partners in the face
    If you’re in a fight, send it! If you’re training at your home gym, show your teammates a little more respect.

  2. Stop sparring to win, start sparring to learn
    Sparring is not fighting. Hard sparring is important leading up to fights, but you should be sparring to learn and improve, not just to beat your partner.

  3. Stop talking when your coach is performing demos

    This is base level respect. Your coach should not have to tell you to be quiet or stop class because they can’t hear themselves talk during demos.

  4. Stop kneeing full force in sparring

    If you’re throwing a spear knee, control it. Use the inside of the knee for slap knees in the clinch to take the sting off a bit. This allows your training partners to train another day.

  5. Stop using the “Don’t let her looks fool you!” trope when promoting female matches
    In your marketing materials and match up promotions, there are way more dynamic story lines than, “She’s cute, but watch out she’s dangerous!”

  6. Stop supporting promotions that undermine the safety of fighters
    When referees let fights go for entertainment at the sake of a fighter's health, let other fighters know so they can commit to fight for a safer promotion.