5 Tips to help you land a sponsorship as a fighter

5 Tips to help you land a sponsorship as a fighter
  1. Post relevant and consistent content on social media

    You should be posting a few times a week. These posts should be relevant to your sport. Show your true self! Start building your own audience and attract brands to you.

  2. Make sure your values are in alignment

    It shouldn’t feel like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Make sure you have a similar ethos and your values align with the brand you are seeking out. This will ensure a good working relationship and remove some risk.

  3. Bring something of value to the table

    Are you a good writer? Great at making fight technique Tik Toks? Have you fought in Thailand and can speak to that experience? Are you teaching seminars that will showcase your expertise and gain exposure?

  4. Don't send cold DMs about sponsorship

    Instead of sending blanket copy and paste messages asking what brands can do for you, follow and support a brand you like. Interact, say hello, take interest. Build rapport first.

  5. Treat people right

    How you treat people will dictate a lot of your opportunities. Don’t be a jerk. Carry yourself with dignity and demand a high level of character from yourself and your team. Stay out of the news for the wrong reasons.