5 Martial Arts Principles to help on your Creative Path.

5 Martial Arts Principles to help on your Creative Path.

There is a video with Muay Thai legend Sangtiennoi speaking about endurance. He says don’t store your energy and power for a fight. He says every time you train you let your power out and then it comes back. He says eat the same meal, build a routine and when you put in hard hard work in training, it will come back to you. If you just go through the motions in your training, you will lose the power. The same is true for creativity.

The creative journey and the martial artists journey are nearly one and the same. A martial artist must commit to the craft, leaving ego behind in the long pursuit of improvement, knowing that they will feel like a fool repeatedly in their path to proficiency.

Why the creative and martial arts journeys are the same:

What you put in, you get in return.

Sangtiennoi said when you train hard and your power goes out, it will return to you. The same applies to drawing, photography, beat making and other creative endeavors. You must be consistent in the advancement of your craft.

We have to let the ego go to progress.

You must get comfortable looking a fool. Anytime we start something new or continue on a path of improvement, we know it will take time to become proficient. Would you rather look a fool for trying, or look a fool for not taking chances?

Your routine is your church.

Your body, your mind and your heart will be fulfilled when you follow a routine. Whether it is drawing for 30 minutes in the morning, eating good foods at consistent times or getting that run in each day, prioritizing these actions puts you first and builds a rhythm that shorts bursts of intensity can’t replicate.

Proficiency comes with time.

We aren’t born experts. Getting a black belt in BJJ one can take 10 years of consistent effort. While your enthusiasm may be high when you first start a new sport or craft, realize it will take time to build proficiency. Be patient and don’t get wrapped up in the end goal or achievements. Embrace the path, the path is the most meaningful.

Creativity and Combat are true forms of self expression

Humans are innately creative. We find fulfillment in making new things, in what we wear, how we talk, what we eat. We show the world who we are in how we train, how we fight, how we live our lives. Whether are a pressure fighter or a technician, how you move shows the world who you truly are.